Born in Long Beach California only a few blocks from the beach, I grew up in Northern Arizona running wild amid the ponderosa pines that cover so much of the land surrounding the sleeping volcanoes of the Colorado plateau. That childhood exuberance pushed me to explore the world…

Ever since I can remember I’ve loved movement and adventure,  the feeling of going places, looking out car windows at foreign landscapes. It wasn’t long before I found myself traveling through Oaxaca Mexico with a camera in my hand still clumsy with both camera and the language. Little did I know that this was just the beginning of a long journey. My time in Mexico planted a seed inside me, a seed that has grown over the years.  I longed to be able to communicate with people without barriers, after finishing my degree in Spanish I moved to Spain where I met my lovely wife and started a family.  I lived in Barcelona for nearly a decade teaching, writing in my journal and taking snap shots.  

Then with my wife and children we began a new chapter. We moved back to the U.S. where I returned to my studies completing a degree in Electronic Media and Film, and an MA in Applied Communication with a focus on Documentary studies.  It was a great time of growth and exploration and chasing dreams…  

Now settled back in the Barcelona area with my wife and children… I still…

…love movement.

…love watching foreign lands rush past outside as I make my way to places I’ve never been before…

…love feeling the wind on my face and noticing the peculiarities of the unknown.

…don’t mind waiting… (but I hate being late, cause I don’t like to miss anything)

…love afternoons with friends where the laughter doesn’t stop (even when we are talking serious).

…love talking to people and learning about them.

…love stories… (both reading them and writing them)

…love movies… (both watching and making them)

…love finding the story in the smallest of things.

My Studies

Muse - Visual Storytelling Workshop - 2016

  • The workshop was a high-power storytelling injection, focused on helping visual storytellers and filmmakers find the most impactful story for any project from corporate video to documentary to narrative fiction.  Emotion is at the heart of all stories, emotion convinces us more than any facts or figures and emotion is what gets people to act.  This Hands-on workshop gave me .

Master of the Arts in Applied Communication - Northern Arizona University - 2016

  • While studying the theoretical principles of communication, My work focussed on documentary film techniques, beyond the talking heads of news programs, I strove to create cinematic images that combined story to tell the most powerful.

Bachelor of the Sciences in Electronic Media & Film - 2013

  • Here I learned and practiced many different styles and techniques for film and video writing, production and editing.  TV news, live sports, and theatrical film production.

Bachelor of the Arts in Spanish Language, Linguistics and Literature - 2000

  • Spanish Language Immersion was the key to building

My work


Live Sports

The History Channel